League of Legends Reveals 7 New PROJECT Skins

Riot Games made good on its teasers for new PROJECT skins in League of Legends by unveiling not just two but seven new skins that’ll be added to the line of cosmetics. Those skins will be spread throughout six different champions with one of them coming in a Prestige Edition variant as well to make the seventh. All of the skins are now available on the PBE for testing for those who are able to access the content there.

The champions getting PROJECT skins are Senna, Renekton, Mordekaiser, Sejuani, Varus, and Sylas. This latest Prestige Edition skin will go to Sylas as well, a champion who’s been popular in normal and competitive play since release and was confirmed to get a Prestige Edition skin earlier in the year. You can see each of the skins in action thanks to the video below from Riot Games along with a preview of the splash arts for all of the skins except Sylas’ Prestige Edition cosmetic.

As for the prices, most of the skins should be available for 1,350 RP whenever they’re released. Exceptions to that pricing include the skins for Mordekaiser and Renekton which are both classified as Legendary cosmetics and will therefore be sold for 1,820 RP.

While the base PROJECT skin for Sylas should match the typical pricing for those sorts of skins, the Prestige Edition one will of course be obtained differently. PROJECT: Sylas Prestige Edition will be available during an upcoming PROJECT event which means that you’ll have to get the event’s pass and save up your earned tokens to have it added to your collection.


To justify the Legendary tier of the Mordekaiser and Renekton skins, Riot added some neat effects to them not present in the other PROJECT 2021 cosmetics. Renekton has a helmet that toggles on and off automatically based on his combat status, for example, while Mordekaiser’s ultimate teleports enemies to his futuristic PROJECT city. There are of course other features that separate them from the rest of the skins, but those two stood out as some of the neatest changes featured in those cosmetics.

League’s new PROJECT skins are up on the PBE for testing and will be released at a later date.