League of Legends Gets an Interactive Runeterra Map

League of Legends now has an updated map of the expansive game world known as Runeterra with each region and faction receiving some expansive narrative background.

Riot Games has been talking about providing a new Runeterra map for a while now with discussions about the project showing up just barely over a year ago as Rioters said that they wanted to replace the old Runeterra map with a new one to help players get their bearings in the world of League of Legends. That new map is now ready to be seen here, and instead of being just a normal map on paper, it’s completely interactive to allow players to explore the world even further and see where every point of interest is in relation to other areas.

League of Legends Runeterra Map
(Photo: Riot Games)

Along with showing cities, capitals, and artwork for each point of interest around Runeterra, the map also shares a list of champions that come from each region to remind players who belong where. Everything from Mount Targon to the Shadow Isles to the rivaling regions of Demacia and Noxus is included in the map along with The Void tucked away towards the bottom of the map.

There’s one location that you won’t find immediately from looking at the map though, one that’s a bit harder to locate every time seeing how it actually moves around the whole map. Bandle City, the magical city full of yordles like Teemo, Tristana, and Veigar, and more. There’s hardly anything known about the city’s general details since it’s so hard to find, and the glowing symbol for the city can be found on different parts of the map depending on when you look at it.


“Opinions differ as to where exactly the home of the yordles is to be found, though many claim to have travelled through unseen portals to a land of curious enchantment,” the description of Bandle City says. “They tell of a place of unfettered magic, where the foolhardy can be led astray by myriad wonders and end up lost in a dream, never to return at all.”

New in-game missions are also now live to coincide with the release of the game’s interactive map, so even if you’re not interested in the narrative behind Runeterra, you can still use the occasion to earn icons and loot resources. Riot Games announced the release of the missions with a preview of some of the challenges that encourage players to play as different champions from around the world of Runeterra.