League of Legends' Tahm Kench Update Is Releasing This Summer

Riot Games has had an update brewing for a while now for the League of Legends champion Tahm Kench to make him more compatible with less organized levels of play. The update that’s been regarded as a “mini update” instead of a full-blown Visual and Gameplay Update like Dr. Mundo is getting will launch at some point in the summer, assuming Riot’s plans don’t change between now and the time the changes ship.

The update, for those who haven’t been keeping up with it, involves swapping Tahm Kench’s Ultimate ability with his Devour ability currently on W. That change would result in the current Ultimate becoming more of a short-range engage tool while the Devour would be his new Ultimate. It’d get buffed of course to make it stronger, but the goal behind that change is that teams wouldn’t need to be super coordinated to pull off plays with Tahm Kench like they typically have to be now.

“In case you missed it, our plan for Tahm is to address some long-standing issues around pro binding,” said Product Lead Riot Petrie about the proposed changes. “In other words, a lot of Tahm Kench’s current power is best utilized by highly-coordinated teams, which means he ends up much weaker for the rest of the player base. To address this power discrepancy, we’re planning to move Devour to his ultimate (and buff it) and turn his W into a less-coordination reliant engage tool (think Abyssal Voyage, but shorter range and just for Tahm Kench… and with some added CC).”

While we’ve heard talks of this exact kind of update before, players recently got a preview of what that update would look like, though it was an accidental one. The video above that showed off new Arcana skins – one of which will go to Tahm Kench – showed off the champions’ effects on their abilities as usual, but the version of Tahm Kench we saw was actually the updated one. It showed him using the Abyssal Voyage ability to travel a very short distance before knocking up the enemy in the area whenever he emerged. The Devour ability looked as it does currently, though we don’t yet know how that move will change beyond knowing it’ll get buffed.

Riot’s planning for Tahm Kench’s update to release in the summer, so expect to see more on it between now and then.