League of Legends Reveals New Info on Dr. Mundo Rework and Upcoming Champions

Riot Games promised just a few days ago that it would have more to share about future champions coming to League of Legends to kick off this week. Well, the developer of the world's largest MOBA kept that promise today by releasing a new blog post that looks ahead to which characters will be released in the next few months for the game.

The first key details that Riot Games revealed in its new Champion Roadmap blog dealt with Dr. Mundo. The longtime tank character has been in the process of getting reworked at Riot for quite some time now. Fortunately, this work is said to be nearing its end. Although Riot didn't commit to a release date or window just yet, it said that the new version of Dr. Mundo is "pretty close" to actually heading to League of Legends.

While the new Mundo might be the next champion that formally joins League of Legends, this wasn't the only character that Riot touched on in the blog. The studio also revealed a handful of details about two new champs that will be arriving later in the year as well. The first of these two new characters is being referred to as the Sentinel of Light and they come equipped with a grappling hook. Riot said that this mystery champ is one that has been designed to be played in mid lane and will also be a marksman. "We felt a marksman designed for mid would both add a unique champion to the roster and could also be pretty appealing to a lot of mid lane assassin and skirmisher players," Riot said in the blog.

The next champion after this is planned to be a mid laner once again, but they'll be of the mage variety instead. Not a lot is known about the character just yet, but they are going to be a female yordle with a "gloomy" personality. They also somehow tie into Viego's backstory, although we don't know many specifics beyond that just yet. Riot said that originally, this champ was going to release before the other mid laner. However, those plans have since changed as the new yordle mage has been slightly delayed.


All in all, it sounds like there's going to be quite a bit of variety heading to League of Legends before 2021 wraps up. We'll keep you posted moving forward when Riot Games decides to reveal more about the release plans for all of these champions in question.