Logitech G Expands League of Legends Collab with New K/DA Gear

Riot Games and Logitech G worked together last year to launch some gaming peripherals themed [...]

Riot Games and Logitech G worked together last year to launch some gaming peripherals themed around K/DA, League of Legends' virtual music group that's expanded far beyond its initial debut by now. This week, Logitech G is expanding that same partnership even farther with the worldwide launch of not only the initially revealed K/DA products but additional gear as well like K/DA versions of the G502 HERO mouse and the PRO Keyboard.

With the addition of the new K/DA products, the collaboration that's now available worldwide offers an impressive suite of K/DA gear for anyone who's a fan of the group's music or their in-game appearances. The complete setup now includes the PRO Keyboard, the G502 HERO wired gaming mouse, the G733 wireless gaming headset, the G305 wireless gaming mouse, the G840 XL mouse pad featuring the members of K/DA, and a pair of in-ear G333 gaming headphones. You can find the prices of each of those products listed below along with links where you can see more on them.

Logitech G's K/DA Gear

From spending time with the K/DA gear after Logitech G sent over the suite of League of Legends products to sample, it's clear this is the definitive collection for K/DA fans. The mouse pad, keyboard, and wireless headset are the most expressive parts of the collection since they're adorned either with RGB effects or the unmistakable ensemble of Akali, Evelynn, Ahri, Kai'Sa, and Seraphine on the mat, but the details on the other devices bring the package together. Things like a small K/DA crown right above the mouse wheel and the overall use of white, blues, and black to tie everything together makes it easy to pair one device with another.

Aside from the in-ear headphones, these devices were already available in different, non-K/DA colors, so you may already be familiar with how they perform. The wireless headset is very much what you'd consider a gaming headset and might be a bit bulky to some, but it's got no issues as far as sound is concerned and delivers impressive results. The G502 HERO mouse may be a bit light and clackety compared to what you're used to, but the optional weights added to it remedy at least one of those possible problems.

League of Legends KDA Logitech G Mouse
(Photo: Logitech G)

One of the more surprising parts of the kit was how enjoyable the in-hear G333 earphones were. They're not a substitute for a full wireless headset like the G733, but they're far better than what one might assume of gaming earphones. During times where you just want to play without dragging out your setup, things like the G305 wireless mouse and the G333 earphones are perfect solutions.

The gear can't be bought in a bundle which seemed odd at first, but it seems unlikely someone would need the entire lineup to satisfy their needs anyway unless they just wanted to collect the K/DA gear, so the piecemeal purchasing process seems like a better idea by comparison.

You can check out Logitech G's K/DA landing page for more info on all the products.

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