Magic: The Gathering Announces Summer of Legend Release Plans

Magic: The Gathering is set to launch into the Summer of Legend, featuring three major new releases for the iconic card game. First up is Modern Horizons 2, the follow-up to the popular first Modern Horizons set, introducing brand new cards specifically designed for Modern format play. After that is Adventures in the Forgotten Realms, the first official Dungeons & Dragons crossover into Magic: The Gathering. Finally, there's Historic Anthology V, adding 25 cards from Magic: The Gathering's history to the Magic: The Gathering Arena-exclusive format. The news was revealed in an announcement post on the Daily MTG website. Here's a rundown of the important details:

Modern Horizons releases on June 18th and brings it with the highly-anticipated enemy color fetch lands. Here are the release details:

  • May 24: Previews begin
  • June 2: Full Card Image Galleries
  • June 3: Available on Magic Online
  • June 11–17: Prerelease Week, including in-store play (where available)
  • June 18: Worldwide release

After Modern Horizons 2, Magic: The Gathering will begin heading towards its epic Dungeons & Dragons crossover set, Adventure in the Forgotten Realms. Here are the release details for that set:

  • June 29: Previews begin
  • July 8: Available on MTG Arena and Magic Online
  • July 16–22: Prerelease Week including in-store play (where available)
  • July 23: Worldwide release

And finally, Wizards of the Coast announced Historic Anthology V, the latest in its series of curated card sets adding new cards to Magic: The Gathering Arena for play in its unique history format. Releasing May 27th, the brings 25 new cards from Magic's past to Historic, including Vorinclex, Voice of Hunger, and Whirler Rogue. Here are some additional details about events coming to Magic: The Gathering Arena during the Summer of Legend:

  • The May Arena Open kicks off this Saturday, May 8 and features the return of Sealed Deck as the format. Receive special Will and Rowan card sleeves, win cash prizes, and earn qualification to the Strixhaven Championship with this weekend's event!
  • Kicking off May 13, the Strixhaven College Cup lets you celebrate your favorite colleges and prove it by battling for points and prizes through the end of the month
  • Beginning June 4 and running through early July, Jumpstart returns to MTG Arena. If you missed the excitement last summer or wanted to relive the experience again, your second chance is on the way.
  • July 31 and August 1 feature the next Arena Open. Your chance to earn up to $2,000 in prizes returns to Standard after the release of Adventures in the Forgotten Realms.

Finally, there's a "Mirror, Mirror" event that is going to let players explore another universe with "rebalanced versions of some of Historic's iconic banned cards." Specifics weren't revealed but should be coming in the near future.

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