Man Draws Over 1,100 Pokemon For One Epic Piece of Artwork

Fan tributes to some of our favourite franchises are nothing new, but each one gives a fan a chance to express their love and appreciation for that which makes them happy. One artist created an epic collage that totalled out at over a whopping 1,000 of our favourite Pokemon - and he documented the whole thing!

In the video above, you can see the painstaking process that artist Christopher Cayco put into his "Draw 'em all" poster. If you're even half as impressed as we are, you're going to want to scoop one up for yourself! Lucky for you, it's on sale in a variety of sizes starting at $29.98!

"This includes over 1100 of our favorite monsters (all forms and variation of all of them!). This is my pride and joy, labor of love, art piece. And it would make a great piece to any fan's collection. This took me over 500 hours to complete" states Christopher in his listing and that "labor of love" is definitely apparent in the footage of his progress.

(Photo: Christopher Cayco)

The time lapse video was a nice touch, it's always a unique experience to witness the artistic process. Christopher is no stranger to doing detailed illustrations like this either, he even attempted this same project back in 2016 before it was shelved until a later date.

This artist also has a huge YouTube channel filled with speed drawings, freestyle drawings - even artist vs. artist speed contests! Pokemon and other anime style pieces can all be seen right here - including some Vlogs about his cross-country convention travels! The above picture is something that we can't stop staring at and provides the ultimate test to fans of these beloved pocket monsters.