Marvel Champions Bumps Up Release Dates for Captain America, Ms Marvel, and Green Goblin Packs

Fantasy Flight Games has announced a Christmas surprise for Marvel Champions fans. The game publisher announced that the Green Goblin Scenario Pack, Captain America Hero Deck, and Ms. Marvel Hero Deck will all be released on December 20th, just in time for the holiday season. Previously, Fantasy Flight had announced that the three packs would be delayed until January 2020 despite their initial "4Q 2019" release date. The revised release date should keep Marvel Champions on the monthly release schedule typical for Living Card Games. Unlike Collectible Card Games, Living Card Games release regular (usually monthly) expansions that add fixed sets of cards to players' collections, giving them a growing number of options when building decks.

In Marvel Champions, players assume the role of an iconic Marvel superhero as they attempt to thwart a villain's scheme. Players build their hero deck by combining a fixed set of hero cards unique to a specific superhero with cards matching one of four heroic "aspects" and basic cards. While each Hero Pack expansion can be opened up and played immediately, they also add new cards to the game that can be mixed and matched into any set. Meanwhile, the Scenario Packs provide new challenges for the players to overcome and can also be increased in difficulty and can be used with different modular side schemes to add to the game's replayability.


The Captain America Hero Deck is built around using allies, protecting other heroes, and using his shield to defend and attack. The Ms. Marvel Hero Deck uses her ability to stretch and transmorgify to play cards and then return them to her hand, giving her more resources to use every turn.

Both the Captain America and Ms. Marvel Hero Decks will cost $14.95. The Green Goblin Scenario Pack will cost $19.95.