Marvel's Avengers Beta Gets Updated, Here's What's New

A new update for Marvel’s Avengers was released ahead of the return of the game’s beta. Update 1.3.0 that’s live this week included a bunch of fixes for issues players had encountered during the first public weekend of the beta, some of which prevented players from easily matching with others along with fixes for bugs that would affect different game modes and character interactions. A list of known issues was also shared within the notes for the update to identify some problems Crystal Dynamics is aware of that it’ll be working to fix in a later update.

The newest update for the game was downloadable this week for those on the PlayStation 4 who already had access to the game from last week’s beta. We reached out to find out more about the update after it was available and received the patch notes to show what’s new.

You can find those patch notes below categorized by the parts of the game the fixes pertain to. There aren’t any major gameplay changes to speak of, but those returning for a second weekend and others starting for the first time should have an easier time completing missions in the beta without as many issues.



  • Various crashes and game becoming unresponsive fixed
  • Save game optimizations



  • Character Selection improvements
    • Fixed the issue where you couldn’t select or change Super Heroes
  • Companion respawn improvements
  • Hulkbuster
    • Fixed the issue where the screen would turn black when another Super Hero would use the Hulkbuster
    • Various other improvements

Missions and War Zones

  • Mission Summary improvements
    • Fixed issues with the Abomination fight
  • Missing strongbox fixes

Feedback Items In-progress for Future Patch

  • Infrequent occurrence of multiple Super Heroes spawning
  • Reduction in screenshake

Known Issues

  • Missions, HARM Challenges, War Zones and Drop Zones
    • If you cannot progress past the Golden Gate Bridge, please close the app, open notifications on PS home screen, and launch the game again once the beta is fully downloaded.
    • If you cannot progress in a mission, open the Options menu, and select Reload Checkpoint.
  • UI
    • Depending on settings, some UI elements may not appear properly.
    • Some icons and elements are not final.
    • Cosmetic gameplay rewards may not unlock properly.
  • Heroes and AI Companions
    • Once you have unlocked Iron Man and Black Widow, you must select them in the Select
    • Hero / Companions menu to equip their Level 6 starting gear.
    • Open Select Hero / Companions menu to assign specific heroes to assist on supported missions.
    • Spend time advancing each Hero to keep the most efficient and effective Strike Team.

Marvel’s Avengers’ beta will return this weekend for everyone on the PlayStation 4 and those who pre-ordered the game on the Xbox One or through Steam.