Marvel's Avengers: How to Give Iron Man's Hulkbuster to a Teammate

Marvel’s Avengers gives each of its heroes an Ultimate ability to use along with their Heroic and Support abilities, and in Iron Man’s case, his Ultimate allows him to step inside of the Hulkbuster. The Hulkbuster only sticks around for a limited time with a resource bar ticking down as you use it, but it can output some serious damage while it’s around and keeps the player safe in the tenser moments. But one of the best parts of the Hulkbuster is that it’s not just limited to use by Iron Man – you can also pass it off to your teammate for them to use.

There’s a loading screen tip in Marvel’s Avengers that’ll teach you how to give your Hulkbuster to someone else when you’re playing as Iron Man, but if you’re like us, you may have discovered this trick from an AI-controlled Iron Man teammate leaving the Hulkbuster laying around for you to use. You can count on the AI sometimes doing that once Iron Man’s ultimate is up, but if you want to do it yourself or have another player in your group give you the Hulkbuster, the process is a simple one.

To activate Iron Man’s Ultimate, you just press L1 and R1 together, but holding down those buttons will give you a different result. If you hold them down instead of just pressing and releasing, you’ll be met with an indicator that shows where the Hulkbuster will deploy. Pick the area near you where you want it by aiming with the left control stick and release the buttons to drop it off.

Once it’s out on the field, anyone can get into it and use it, including the Hulk himself. From there, the result is the same as if Iron Man used it himself. You get all the same powers and defenses of the normal Hulkbuster usage, but you’re locked out of using your own abilities until you’ve exited the suit.


During a talk with Crystal Dyanmics where we were able to ask about the Hulkbuster, studio head Scot Amos talked about its importance and teased that there was a bit more to it than the obvious. This mechanic is a perfect example of that, but since the beta’s just now started for everyone, perhaps there’s still more to the Hulkbuster that players haven’t uncovered yet.

Marvel’s Avengers’ beta is now live on the PlayStation 4 for those who pre-ordered it.