Marvel's Avengers Vendors Explained

Marvel’s Avengers has a bunch of gear for players to collect organically through exploring levels and completing missions, but it’s also got a shopping system in place where you can by gear pieces from vendors. We’ve heard about these vendors briefly before enough to know that they’d exist in Marvel’s Avengers, but they weren’t part of the game’s beta. Crystal Dynamics shared some insights into those vendors the week before the game releases to explain how they’ll work, what they’ll sell, and what players have to give them to collect the loot.

When you’re finding vendors in Marvel’s Avengers, Crystal Dynamics said these characters will be integrated into the game’s story and will be found at different locations throughout the game. Cosmetics that change heroes’ looks, gear that changes their abilities, and resources used to upgrade that gear are some of the things the vendors will sell. While the cosmetics will make you look the way you want, the resources will be the more valuable option starting out since they’ll allow you to power up your hero builds sooner.

One of the more common resources players will pick up through normal play are “Fragments.” By trading these with the vendors that sell gear, you can pick up items from a rotating selection.

“Gear Vendors will sell you character-specific Gear and Resources in exchange for Fragments gained through play,” Crystal Dynamics said. “Collecting and dismantling Gear will fill you full of Fragments and other resources, which is why it is worth picking everything up and dismantling unneeded items for resources to exchange or reinvest! Gear rotates daily and weekly.”

As for the cosmetics, certain vendors are dedicated to that type of item as well. cosmetics can include everything from the outfits beta players got a taste of to the emotes you can use when you’re playing with others.

“Cosmetic Vendors accept Units gained through play to purchase Outfits, Emotes, and Nameplates,” the post about vendors continued. “Legendary Outfits rotate weekly, while Nameplates, Emotes, and Epic & Rare Outfits rotate daily.”


When purchasing many of the items sold by vendors, you’ll need Units to complete the transaction. These Units could be found in the beta through normal activities like opening chests while you fight A.I.M. and explore levels.

Marvel’s Avengers is scheduled to release on September 4th.