Konami Shares Tips for Metal Gear Survive's Beta that Starts Tomorrow

The first beta for Metal Gear Survive starts tomorrow, but before it begins, more information on [...]

Metal Gear Survive
(Photo: Konami)

The first beta for Metal Gear Survive starts tomorrow, but before it begins, more information on what to expect and tips for survival have been shared by Konami.

Jan. 18 marks the start of the beta that'll last from then until Jan. 22 where players will have to build up their defenses and fend off zombie-like enemies in a bleak wasteland of an environment. You won't have to go it alone either since players will be able to join up with friends in some four-player co-op combat. The beta includes several missions and maps to play on with defending a Wormhole Digger from waves of enemies being one of the assignments players must complete.

Before the beta begins and players are dropped into a completely new Metal Gear experience, Konami published an article on the PlayStation Blog that offers a few helpful tips to get you started. The first of which introduces what's called the "Staging Area," a pre-game environment where players can test weapons, craft items, and otherwise get a grasp on the game's various mechanics before starting a match. Once you begin the actual game, you'll have a bit of free time at the beginning to utilize these skills you practiced in the Staging Area. Explore, gather resources, and get ready for the waves while carefully managing your resources.

"You'll have some "free" time at the start and between waves, making these the ideal times to go looking for precious pieces of wood, iron, and other important bits," Konami said. "Remember, break everything that can be broken and gather away. Just keep an eye on your weight!"

Those that have played horde defense games will already know the importance of managing resources and building defenses in appropriate locations, and that skill is no different in Metal Gear Survive. Helpful arrows will indicate where the enemies will attempt to make their way to your Wormhole Digger, so building appropriately can help block their paths. Working with your buddies to complete all of these tasks will also make everything much easier, and if you ever find yourself with some downtime, refer back to tip No. 2 about exploring and gathering resources.

The beta for Metal Gear Survive begins on Jan. 18, and the game is scheduled to release on Feb. 20.