Minecraft Gets Super Duper Musical With Supergirl’s Melissa Benoist

Even though Minecraft’s new Super Duper update has been delayed into 2018, there’s still a [...]

Even though Minecraft's new Super Duper update has been delayed into 2018, there's still a great deal of hype going into the expansion. After all, it'll make the blocky little adventure look better than ever, prompting more players to explore its land than ever before.

That said, the company has continued said hype with the debut of a new musical video that talks more about the Super Duper update. And who better to feature in this musical than Supergirl herself, Melissa Benoist?

Yes, fans, Benoist can certainly sing and dance – a few of you Super fans may recall that she starred in Glee for some time before donning the cape for The CW's hit series. Here, she definitely proves her chops as she dances around Minecraft's virtual worlds, singing along with a number of blocky creatures and not even coming close to worrying about invaders trying to take over the city. Hey, even Supergirl needs a break, you know.

The showcase starts out simply enough, with Benoist entering an empty stage, only for a Minecraft-ish world opening up behind her and continuing to expand as she sings along. And, boy, does the world get even bigger than that.

After plugging the words "Super" and "Duper" plug in togheter, the world really opens up, with Creepers, pigs and other creatures making the rounds, along with dancing llamas, snowmen with orange heads, chickens and so much more. And, yes, cows aren't afraid to throw a few hearts Benoist's way.

A few Minecraft fans are likely to have this song stuck in their heads after watching the video above, but that's kind of the idea – getting caught on to Benoist's fun antics before digging in and enjoying what all the game has to offer. And chances are you'll be able to score it for cheap at some given Black Friday sales this week, so you can prepare yourself for the Super Duper update when it comes in 2018.

In the meantime, enjoy the pleasant little video above – and don't forget to watch Supergirl tonight!

Minecraft is available for a number of game platforms, including Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch.