MLB The Show 21 Gets Important Update Fixing Player-Created Stadiums

Sony San Diego and PlayStation Studios have released an all-new update for MLB The Show 21 today, and if that's something that sounds familiar, it's because it should be. This marks the third new patch for the baseball sim that has been pushed out this week alone, which is pretty substantial, to say the least. Much like the most recent update for the game which only arrived yesterday, this latest patch is small in nature but it does include a pretty vital fix.

Game update 7 for MLB The Show 21 rolled out this morning across Xbox and PlayStation platforms with the main focus of the patch being that it rectifies player-created stadiums. Specifically, some players have been losing the stadiums that they have made to a strange bug that makes the locations disappear entirely. While fans will remain in the "stadium", the coliseum itself will have vanished entirely, leaving said fans floating in the air.

"This is a small update that fixes a bug that would cause classic stands in created stadiums to disappear, leaving the fans floating in midair," Sony San Diego stated in the patch notes of this latest update on its website. "After the update is live, please resave your stadium to correct the issue. Thank you."

All in all, this is perhaps one of the strangest bugs that we have heard about in MLB The Show 21 so far. That being said, it's also one of the funnier ones. Although I'm sure many players were upset to have seen their own stadiums vanish, the thought of seeing a bunch of fans floating in the middle of the air is pretty funny.


If you're looking to play MLB The Show 21 for yourself right now, you can currently pick the game up on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X. And if you'd like to hear what we think about the game, you can find our review right here.

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