Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate Nintendo Switch Demo Coming Tomorrow

While Monster Hunter World is taking over the gaming world, there’s always room for another [...]

Monster HUnter

While Monster Hunter World is taking over the gaming world, there's always room for another adventure in the series. We'll be getting that later this month when Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate makes its debut on the Nintendo Switch, enabling players to hook up together to bring down large behemoths.

But if you're on the fence about the game or not sure how it'll pan out for you, don't worry. You'll soon have access to a demo that will let you try out a little bit of monster slaying on the house!

Capcom has announced via the Monster Hunter Twitter page that a demo for Generations Ultimate will be available starting tomorrow for Switch, free of charge. And it'll have a good deal of content to try out, including a number of missions and a whole lot of gear.

Based on the details from the Japanese demo of the game (as provided by NintendoLife), the demo will feature three different missions with monsters in each one, waiting to be slain; six fighting styles to choose from; and 14 different weapons. That's pretty generous for a demo, providing a little taste of what's to come. Plus you'll be able to try out the new Prowler capabilities!

"But what if I want to play with friends?" you may be asking yourself. Good news -- you'll totally be able to. The demo will support online multiplayer so you can get yourself a good, able hunting party and see how well you perform together. And who knows, you might make a few new monster-hunting friends along the way. The more the merrier, right?

Check out the tweet below to get a quick glimpse of what kind of monsters you'll be up against. You might want to stock up on your gear now, because you're going to need a lot of it to bring these guys down. Yeesh.

The demo should become available with tomorrow's eShop update, but there's always a slight chance it could be released later tonight. Keep a close eye out for it! You can pre-order the full game here for $59.99.

Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate releases on August 28.