Mortal Kombat Director Talks About His History With the Franchise

Whenever you have someone adapting a specific piece of media for another medium, it's always nice [...]

Whenever you have someone adapting a specific piece of media for another medium, it's always nice to have someone that is incredibly familiar with the original work calling the shots. This notion is something that surely rings true for those that are looking forward to the upcoming Mortal Kombat movie reboot that's about to arrive as well. Fortunately, for director Simon McQuoid, he seems to be quite familiar with the source material even if he wouldn't describe himself as a fanatic of the series.

During a set visit that attended when Mortal Kombat was filming, McQuoid was asked about his history with the franchise as a whole. McQuoid explained that he played the original games when they came out back when he was younger. Even outside of his own experience, though, McQuoid said that he also used to work on video game commercials earlier in his career. As such, it was almost hard not to know what Mortal Kombat was simply because of his line of work.

"It's sort of given a world that we know," McQuoid explained of his own connection to Mortal Kombat. "I wouldn't refer to myself a sort of fan of it, but it was just a regular understanding of it." He then went on to say that he made sure to educate himself far more on the property once planning for this new movie began. "I went back to Mortal Kombat university through the development process. And I also surrounded myself with a lot of people who know shitloads more about it than me, so there's a lot to know, as you guys know," he said.

Based on the film's first trailer, it definitely seems like McQuoid and the team working on the project have a good track on what longtime fans are looking for in this reboot. Combine the footage that we have seen with everything else that Warner Bros. has been saying about the movie and it very much seems like this could be a video game movie worth getting excited about.

Mortal Kombat is set to release in a little over a month on April 16th and will be coming both to theaters and HBO Max. If you'd like check out some more of our extensive coverage on the upcoming film, you can check it all out right here.