Ninja Speaks Out Over Controversial Fortnite Ban of 9-Year-Old Player

Ninja, Fortnite's most popular player has had enough of the game's ban's on certain players. This past week, Epic Games went after a 9-year-old player and Brazilian streamer named Zenon with a hefty ban. It's important to note that Zenon has been playing the battle royale with the blessing of his father's supervision. While streaming, he joined a ranked Arena Mode match. However, despite the fact that there was no cash on the line, Zenon was banned for the action. More specifically, Zenon has been banned from the game for 1,459 days. In other words four years.

As you would expect, the 9-year-old streamer didn't take the news well, breaking down to tears while streaming. This moment was quickly clipped from the stream and spread around the Fortnite community, causing it to go viral, which in turn caused #FreeZenon to trend on Twitter. Not long after this, Ninja weighed in on the situation.

"Unless Arenas start offering money for placements there is no reason for #FreeZenon to be banned from them until he turns 13," said Ninja on Twitter. "That being said the age requirement to compete in Fortnite is 13 and he is 9. He shouldn’t be banned from any other aspect of Fortnite 100%"

Of course, the chances of Epic Games reversing its decision are pretty slim. Rarely do we see developers and publishers 180 in situations like this. However, with the likes of Ninja and other prominent players tweeting out about it, it's hard to imagine the controversy blowing over as quickly as some other Fortnite controversies have in the past.


At the moment of publishing, Epic Games has not issued an official comment on the matter. If it does, we will be sure to update this post.