Ninja Gaiden Developer Teases Multiple Announcements For 2021

After a string of rumors and leaks over the course of 2020, it sounds like this new year could be a big one for fans of the long-dormant Ninja Gaiden franchise. Developer Team Ninja has recently confirmed that 2021 will see the studio announcing multiple new titles over the course of this year, meaning that a return of the beloved action series could be coming about.

This news comes by way of Team Ninja's director Fumihiko Yasuda who spoke to Japanese outlet 4Gamer about the studio's plans for the year. Yasuda said that the developer is going to have "several new titles" that are revealed in 2021 and implored fans to "please look forward to them!" Specific mentions of which franchises the studio could be working on, however, weren't given.

Team Ninja is predominantly most well-known for its work on the Ninja Gaiden and Dead or Alive franchises. In recent years, the studio has shifted to releasing two installments in its new Nioh series, the most recent entry of which arrived early in 2020. One of the confirmed games that Team Ninja has already announced will be launching in 2021 is that of a two-game remastered Nioh collection for PlayStation 5 and PC that will arrive in February.

As for the other games that Team Ninja could be revealing this year, well, Ninja Gaiden seems to be a very likely candidate. Within the past year, developers at Team Ninja have expressed that they would be interested in working on a new installment in the series. In addition, a Ninja Gaiden Trilogy package for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch also happened to leak a few months back. While this collection still hasn't been confirmed to exist, it wouldn't be a shock to see it come about eventually.

While you should still keep your reservations in check if you're hoping for a return of Ninja Gaiden, this seems to be our best chance in quite some time that a formal fourth installment in the series could be revealed. To see if this development does come to fruition, you can keep up to date with all of our ongoing coverage on the action property right here.


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