Ninja Sets the Record Straight on Streaming With Women During Heated Twitter Exchange

Back in 2018, Tyler "Ninja Blevins revealed why -- at the time -- he didn't stream with female gamers, explaining that rumor culture, the era of clickbait, and just the fact that every little thing you do is dissected by millions of people every minute, can lead to drama and misinterpretation. The popular streamer and Internet personality noted that even a small conversation with a female streamer can be twisted and cause a storm of gossip that produces fallacious, and sometimes hurtful, conclusions. With this perspective, Ninja opted to not work with female gamers on stream for a bit, noting the possible repercussions wouldn't be good for him, his wife, or his marriage. At the time, many emphasized with the reasoning, but plenty also slammed the streamer for it. And of course, many have weaponized it against him ever since.

That said, it's not the case anymore, and recently the streamer finally set the record straight during a heated twitter exchanger with another streamer. As you may know, earlier this week Lady Gaga tweeted at Ninja asking him who he was. The tweet, which tagged Ninja, went viral. And as you would expect, Ninja responded, as did many others. One of these responders was fellow streamer, Kaceytron.

"He's one of the most popular streamers on the internet and he doesn't support women as he has publicly announced he will never duo stream with any woman, I guess unless it benefits him," said Kaceytron in response to Gaga's tweet.

As you can see, there's a little bit of spice to that response, and according to the streamer, it was enough to earn her the wrath over Ninja's massive following.

"I am being attacked by Ninja fanboys for stating the truth that he won't stream with women, unless it benefits him," said the streamer. "It was and still is a s****y decision that he hasn't retracted. It alienates women and I'd hate to see Lady Gag stream with him."


Eventually, Ninja himself addressed the vehement claims, noting that he's played with female streamers plenty of times, and even hosts female broadcasters.

At the time, Kaceytron had a few more pointed things to say about the matter, but Ninja stopped participating in the discourse, and eventually the situation started to die down until eventually the former apologized to the latter.