You Didn’t Know You Wanted a Nintendo Bag Until Now


Were you in the market for a NES-themed backpack or SNES-themed messenger bag? I have to say that it wasn’t in the forefront of my mind, but it is now. Just look at these!

You can pre-order the NES console backpack here for $49.99 with free shipping slated for March. The SNES controller messenger bag is available here for $42.99 with free shipping slated for July. Quantities are limited on these apparently, so you’ll want to order yours as soon as possible to ensure that you get one in the first batch. But that’s not all of the sweet new Nintendo stuff that’s just been released!


Needless to say, this NES wallet would be a perfect match for the backpack. There’s also a Legend of Zelda Hylian shield coin purse and stationary set as well as a really awesome-looking Triforce hat. Rounding out the list we have a Super Mario Bros. NES cartridge wallet. Again, all of these items ship for free and can be pre-ordered in limited quantities.

We’ve seen items like the NES backpack, SNES messenger bag, and wallets in the past, but these new versions have raised buttons and other tactile details that make them stand out from the crowd. If you want to see more stuff like this, Merchoid has a huge collection of officially licensed Nintendo gear to peruse. I feel like this NES Classic hoodie and this SNES Classic hoodie would be the perfect way to take this look to the next level.


Speaking of awesome Nintendo stuff, Dark Horse and Nintendo have teamed up to offer the definitive history of the Super Mario franchise with their Super Mario Encyclopedia, and die-hard fans can now enjoy the book in two flavors. The standard encyclopedia is available to pre-order on Amazon for $23.99 (40% off the list price) right here. If you’re a collector and want to upgrade to the fancy limited edition version, it has also been discounted by 40% to $47.99. You can grab the limited edition version here.

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