Nintendo Debuts New ARMS TV Commercial

Nintendo has a brand new North American TV spot to promote ARMS, the upcoming party fighting game. Check it above.

Throughout the commercial there are is one theme that is highlighted and emphasized, and it's that ARMS is a multiplayer experience through and through. Playing the computer will be a great way to practice, but ARMS lends itself to some seriously intense, competitive bouts when you get two (or more) players who know what they're doing.

We see ARMS played on the big screen, looking gorgeous, and ARMS played in tabletop mode as a group of three friends all connect wireless to each other and face off while focusing on their own screens. It's actually a really neat setup, and something we could see ourselves doing. The game does look incredible on the big screen, though. This is the same same main production team that handled Mario Kart 8, so you know they're wizards when it comes to squeezing optimum performance out of Nintendo's hardware.

Something you didn't see in the commercial: we didn't see a single person playing with traditional controls, holding a Pro Controller or sideways Joy-Con. Nintendo has been stressing the use of motion controls with ARMS ever since it was first debuted at the Nintendo Switch preview event in New York City. I was there for the event, and I can confirm that the representatives on the floor didn't allow anyone to play with traditional controls. The motion controls were mandatory and, well, that's because they're a lot of fun.


Most people shunned the motion controls for Splatoon when the game was new, but it didn't take long for people to realize that motion controls were vastly superior. You can react much faster, and aim with much greater accuracy using the motion controls than you can using the analog sticks, and that's a fact. Whether the same advantage will go to motion control users in ARMS is yet unknown, but we do think that the game is much more fun that way.

Find out for yourself when ARMS launches on June 16 on Nintendo Switch.