Nintendo Insider Gives Legend of Zelda Fans Hope About Wind Waker and Twilight Princess Remasters

If there's one thing that disappointed some fans about yesterday's Nintendo Direct E3 [...]

If there's one thing that disappointed some fans about yesterday's Nintendo Direct E3 presentation, it's the fact that more Zelda remasters weren't announced for Nintendo Switch. Specifically, fans were hoping to see The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD and Twilight Princess HD both ported to the console. Alas, Eiji Aonuma confirmed that no additional Zelda games are planned for the 35th anniversary of the franchise. However, former Playtonic employee and current editor at Video Games Chronicle Andy Robinson provided some hope that remasters might still be planned. In a follow-up to a Tweet from February, Robinson told Zelda fans to "sit tight."

The original Tweet and Robinson's follow-up can be found embedded below.

While many on social media were quick to jump on Robinson about his past prediction, it's worth noting that plans shift all the time in the video game industry. Sometimes, video game journalists get reliable information about plans, and sometimes those plans change. The remasters could have actually been pushed back so that Skyward Sword HD could get a bigger spotlight!

Realistically speaking, it seems like a very safe bet that Wind Waker HD and Twilight Princess HD will both end up ported to Switch. HD versions of both games were released on Wii U, and just about every major title that released on that system has eventually made its way to Switch; heck, another Wii U port was announced during yesterday's Nintendo Direct! Given that fact, and the fact that Nintendo knows there's strong demand for both remasters, it's hard to imagine these games won't release on Switch.

Now, it's impossible to say exactly when Wind Waker HD and Twilight Princess HD might come to the platform, and Robinson does note that he shouldn't have said they would 100% arrive this year. However, it is worth noting that Nintendo's celebration for Mario's 35th anniversary extended through the first quarter of 2021. The first few months of 2022 would make for a great time to release those Zelda remasters, and it would even be in keeping with the timeframe that Twilight Princess HD released on Wii U. For now, Zelda fans will just have to wait patiently and see what happens.

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