Nintendo Gives Pokemon Unite Players Free Pokemon Just for Playing

Pokemon Unite players had a lot to look forward to this week with the release of another new update as well as the start of the game's first anniversary event. As part of the anniversary celebration, Pokemon Unite players are being given five free Pokemon to add to their rosters if they didn't have them already. Even if they did, Nintendo is also giving away a couple of alternate styles for the Pokemon in question to give you more options to customize them prior to a battle.

The five Pokemon being given away are Pikachu, Lucario, Blastoise, Snorlax, and Sylveon. If you've been playing Pokemon Unite for a while now, you'll recognize immediately that these aren't exactly new Pokemon, so don't expect to be getting any new characters yourself if you're all or mostly caught up on the roster by this point. For new players or those who still had some unlocks to go, however, this will help round out your collections.

The styles for each Pokemon, respectively, are the Fashionable, Concert, Firefighter, Bedtime, and Checkered styles. You can see all of those featured in the image below that advertised the deal.

One of the best part about this offer aside from simply getting stuff for free is how long it lasts. It's live now as of July 21st, but it's not scheduled to end until October 12th which means you'll have plenty of time to claim all the offers. All you have to do to claim those is login to the game five different days, and they don't even have to be consecutive logins either. For those who already own either the Unite License or the Holowear, you'll get 100 Aeon Coins instead, so everyone gets at least a little something during this event.

In addition to this offer, there's also an update out with a full set of patch notes to look through. The changes don't specifically affect any of the Pokemon listed above, so you're safe to get used to them, for now, if you plan on claiming them and playing as them.