Pokemon Unite Reveals 1st Anniversary Plans, Including Six New Pokemon

Pokemon Unite has released a new trailer for its first anniversary, which reveals new game modes, new Holowear, and plans to add six new Pokemon over the next two months. Pokemon Unite's first anniversary is fast approaching and the MOBA-style game has big plans to celebrate. Pokemon Unite confirmed that it would add three new Pokemon – Glaceon, Buzzwole, and Tyranitar – in the coming weeks, with even more Pokemon coming in September. The game will also add a co-op Boss Rush mode that will pit a team of players against one jumbo-sized "Boss" as well as several new Holowear and Season Passes. You can check out the trailer below: 

Glaceon will be the first Pokemon to be added to Pokemon Unite on July 21st. Players can earn Glaceon for free by completint in-game missions and objectives. Buzzwole will follow on August 4, while Tyranitar will come on August 16th. Three more Pokemon will be added starting in September. 

The Boss Rush mode is a PvE mode in which players team up to defeat bosses. Players will earn rewards based on their squad's overall score, with more rewards for higher scores. Boss Rush, like other new formats, is a limited-time mode and will be available three times during the anniversary celebration. 

Pokemon Unite will also be adding a new Boost Emblem mechanic, which will add unspecified buffs or effects. Players can purchase Boost Emblems using energy, but it's unclear how the Boost Emblem will work or how players will utilize them. 

Finally, players will be able to obtain five Pokemon and Holowear costumes for free by logging into Pokemon Unite on consecutive days. Players will get Pikachu, Lucario, Blastoise, Snorlax, and Sylveon simply by logging in on consecutive days between July 21st and October 12th. 

Pokemon Unite's anniversary celebration will kick off on July 21st.