Surprise Overwatch Live Feed Features Jeff Kaplan At His Holiday Best

It’s Christmas Eve, and everyone is celebrating in their own special way, whether it’s watching Die Hard (look, it’s a Christmas movie, get over it) or getting together with loved ones. But Overwatch fans may have the most unexpected celebration of all, as the official Twitch channel for the game just went live this morning with a meaningful holiday message.

In the video feed, which is still live as we report this, Jeff Kaplan, the director of the game, is sitting in front of a fireplace, enjoying a nice, quiet Christmas eve. Really, that’s all that’s happening.

The video has been going for over an hour now, and Kaplan hasn’t been doing much aside from sitting. Occasionally, he takes a sip from his Overwatch mug (next to a plate of cookies!), and he’ll clean his glasses every now and then (and even open a gift!), but otherwise, it’s a nice, quiet video, showing him just relaxing.

The Twitch channel has been a huge draw thus far, with 35,000 viewers at this point in the report, and people in the chatroom voicing their support for the video. “Papa Jeff!” one had noted, while others insist that the video is a loop. (If it is, we can’t say we blame Jeff – that’s a long time to sit.)


You can watch all the fun here, and we’ve also included the video above, so if you need a moment of serenity today in the midst of your shopping or holiday madness, leave it to Kaplan. Thanks, Blizzard.

Overwatch is available now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.