PewDiePie Highlights Logan Paul's Most Controversial Moments in Japan in New Video

With a sarcastic self-awareness, and more than willing to admit his own faults, PewDiePie has taken another crack at Logan Paul's recent visit to Japan, which you may remember made headlines after he filmed a dead and hanging body in Japan's infamous suicide forest. When that video and Paul's apologies made negative headlines, PewDiePie fired back with his own criticisms. Now, PewDiePie has turned a critical eye to the rest of Paul's visit to Japan to highlight some of his more cringe-inducing stunts and shenanigans. You can watch it above.

Right away, we're tempted to say something about a pot and a kettle, but PewDiePie beats his critics to the punch by admitting that he's done and said stupid things. He admits that he recognizes why someone would claim that he has no right to criticize someone like Logan Paul, so if you're wondering why he's speaking up at all, it sounds like PewDiePie was expecting your cynicism.

Still, here we are, and we're faced once again with enough dumb footage to make even the most devout Logan Paul fanboy turn away in discomfort. With no shortage of irony we see PewDiePie spend the majority of the video pointing out just how disrespectful Logan Paul managed to be in his short visit to Japan. Throwing a Poke Ball at a policeman, harassing elders, screaming at people just trying to go about their day, dressing up as cultural caricatures and disturbing temples... It's all there, and it makes us hope that the people of Tokyo don't view all North Americans that way.

Do you agree with PewDiePie, and are you willing to concede that maybe he's turning a new leaf? Do you think he's just taking advantage of someone else's mistake to make himself look better? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter.