Pokemon Go Announces Go Battle League Changes for Season 2

Pokemon Go is making some changes for the next season of the Go Battle League. The next season of Pokemon Go's PvP Go Battle League is starting on Friday, and players can expect to see a few format changes. While players can still expect to see 3 on 3 Pokemon battles against players of a similar ranking in the next season, Pokemon Go will offer players longer windows to participate its different League levels, along with a brand new Premier Cup format. Both the Great League and Ultra League will now have longer windows, with the Great League starting on May 1 and lasting through May 25, while the Ultra League will run from May 25 and end on June 15. The Premier Cup will take place from June 15 to June 29 in conjunction with the Master League and will have no CP limitations. However, players won't be able to use Legendary or Mythical Pokemon on their teams.

Other changes to the GO Battle League include shifting the rewards system so that players earn a Pokemon encounter on their third win on the basic rewards track or after their first win on the premium rewards track. Also, several Pokemon will be added as guaranteed encounters upon reaching certain Ranks, including Stunfisk at rank 4, Rufflet at rank 8, and Scraggy at Rank 9. Players will have to obtain more wins to get to ranks 4 through 7, and players can now get an Elite Fast TM if they end the season at Rank 7 or higher.

Additionally, Pokemon Go also adjusted some moves in Trainer Battles, making Drill Run cost last energy, adding an Attack debuff to opponents when hit with Moonblast, and decreasing the damage on Wild Charge. Additionally, Palkia will now learn the move Aqua Tail to help it stand out in battles.

Some aspects of the GO Battle League won't be changing, such as no walking/PokeCoin requirement to unlcok battles, Metagross and Pikachu Libre as rewards for reaching Rank 1 and Rank 10, and players earning avatar items inspired by Steven Stone.

Players can participate in the GO Battle League beginning on May 1st at 1 PM. Players should also start looking to build up their Premier Cup team before that new format starts on June 15th.