Pokemon Go Reveals November Community Day Classic Details

Pokemon Go developer Niantic has revealed plans for a November Community Day Classic, which will put the spotlight on Dratini! The event will take place on Saturday November 5th starting at 2 p.m. and lasting until 5 p.m. local time. During that time frame, the Dragon-type Pokemon will appear frequently in the wild, giving players a strong chance to obtain a Shiny version! Players can also look forward to bonuses such as 3x Stardust for catches, Lure Modules and Incense lasting for three hours, and a snapshot surprise.

Dratini's first evolved form is Dragonair. Players that evolve Dragonair before 7 p.m. local time on Community Day will receive a Dragonite with the Charged Attack Draco Meteor. The move has 150 power regardless of whether it's used in Trainer Battles, Gyms, or Raids, but it also lowers Dragonite's Attack. As we've seen with other Community Day events, this one will feature a Special Research story that can be purchased for $1. Tickets cannot be purchased with Coins earned at Pokemon Gyms, but players can gift them to friends.

Dragonite is arguably one of the most popular Pokemon from the Kanto region, so it makes a lot of sense that Niantic chose to revisit Dratini's Community Day. Community Day Classic events have been a way for the developer to give newer players a chance to experience the festivities in case they missed out the first time. Longtime Pokemon Go players that already have a Shiny Dragonite can rest assured that November will still offer a regular Community Day as well, though no additional information has been provided.

Pokemon Go is currently in the middle of the Season of Light. The season is centered on the Alolan Pokemon Cosmog and its evolutionary forms. Players just got the opportunity to evolve Cosmog into Cosmoem earlier this week, but it remains to be seen when Niantic will reveal how to obtain Solgaleo and Lunala. Readers interested in learning more about Cosmoem in Pokemon Go can do so right here.


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