The Most Backhanded Compliment Pokemon Go Fest Has Received

To say that Pokemon Go Fest isn’t going well is an understatement at best, but according to some [...]


To say that Pokemon Go Fest isn't going well is an understatement at best, but according to some players who are either present at the Chicago event or are watching the festival's implosion online, the event still isn't anywhere near as bad as the catastrophic Fyre Festival that bombed earlier in the year.

Many will likely recall that the Fyre Festival was expected to be a massive musical blow-out that was organized by Billy McFarland, the founder of the Fyre music booking app, and rapper Ja Rule. The help of popular social media figures was used to promote the expensive event that would host festival goers and popular musicians in the Bahamas. It didn't go well at all with issues encompassing a plethora of areas such as security, food, lodging, and plenty of other areas that resulted in lawsuits being levied against event organizers.

Given the lawsuits and crimes that resulted from Fyre Fest, it's clear that Pokemon Go Fest isn't experiencing nearly the same quantity and magnitude of issues, but that didn't stop Twitter users from quipping about the comparison. Some of the tweets can be seen below from users who drew comparisons to the two events, merging musical and gaming setbacks under the same tragic umbrella of festivals that could have been.

Of course, some players weren't as keen on the comparison and remained more grounded in the association between the two festivals. While there weren't as nearly as many humorous remarks or gifs to accompany such responses, one Twitter user reminded players of how bad Fyre Fest actually was, saying that the music disaster was nowhere near the same as Pokemon Go Fest.

The above is an excellent point, but players will no doubt have multiple complaints to come as soon as they're able to get from the Chicago park back to their hotels and homes where they can reflect, vent, and tweet their frustrations. Not being as bad as Fyre Fest is in some ways a compliment, but probably not the one that Pokemon Go Fest was hoping for.

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