Pokemon GO June Community Day Pokemon Is One Fans Have Been Asking For

Pokemon Go will have its long awaited Gible Community Day in June. Pokemon Go announced the first details for June's Community Day event today on Twitter, announcing that the event will take place on June 6th and will feature the Ground/Dragon-type Pokemon Gible. Gible is one of the rarer Pokemon in Pokemon Go, so it seems that Pokemon Go wanted to give fans advance notice to keep their schedule free during the event. Like other Community Day events, the June 6th Community Day will run from 11 AM to 5 PM local time and will see Garchomp (Gible's fully evolved form) learn an event-exclusive move. Additionally, players will also have an increased chance of finding a Shiny Gible during the event.

Players have wondered for years whether Gible would ever get a Community Day event. While past "psuedo-Legendary" Pokemon like Dratini, Larvitar, and Bagon all got their own Community Day events, fans were concerned after Pokemon Go added Shiny Gible to the game in December 2019. The lack of a Gible Community Day seemed to directly correlate with the rise in complaints in players about the decreased quality of Community Day Pokemon.

Garchomp is a strong Ground-type Pokemon and its typing makes it a powerful Pokemon to use in Master League PVP battles and in many different raids and gym battles. While not as powerful as other Dragon-type Pokemon, it is still a useful Pokemon to have in your collection. Its popularity could increase even more if Pokemon Go decides to give it a worthwhile move during Community Day.

May's Community Day event will focus on Swablu, a Pokemon that eventually evolves into Altaria when given 400 Candies. Because of the number of candies needed to evolve Altaria, the May Community Day is seen as a good chance for players to fill a hole in their Pokedex. Additionally, Pokemon Go is also hosting the Luminous Legends X event, which adds the Legendary Pokemon Xerneas and several other Pokemon from the Kalos region.