Some Pokemon Go Players Are Getting a Bonus Event Soon

Niantic recently held another Pokemon Go event where Trainers were able to take part in the Pokemon Go Tour: Kanto festivities and have a shot at catching some rare Pokemon throughout a day in February. This limited-time event required players to purchase a ticket to make the most of the occasion, but like some of the Pokemon Go events held prior to the Kanto Tour, some issues were encountered. As compensation, Niantic is planning a bonus make-up event for ticket holders.

The problems that occurred definitely weren't issues to some players but might be considered problematic for those who purchased tickets. Through ways undefined in the make-up event's announcement post, some Pokemon Go Trainers who didn't buy tickets were able to access parts of the event that would've normally required them to have a ticket. Niantic apologized for the situation and promised the paid participants the extra event.

"Due to a technical issue that occurred during Pokémon GO Tour: Kanto, some Trainers were able to access the ticketed portion of the event without purchasing a ticket," Niantic said. "We apologize for this issue, and to help Trainers who purchased a ticket feel like they are receiving its value, paid ticket holders will be able to participate in a bonus event."

This event will be held on March 5th and will run until April 5th, so those able to participate have plenty of time to make the most of it. Some Timed Research opportunities will be made available during the event with all the details pertaining to what players can earn listed below.

Pokemon Go Tour: Kanto Make-Up Event

  • You'll be able to earn the following items by completing event-exclusive Timed Research.
    • 30 Ultra Balls
    • A Lure Module
    • A Poffin
    • A Super Incubator
    • A Lucky Egg
    • Three Silver Pinap Berries
    • A Star Piece
    • An Elite Fast TM
    • An Elite Charged TM
    • A Charged TM
    • A Fast TM
    • 100 Mew Candy
  • A free bundle containing three Remote Raid Passes will be available in the in-game shop.

Niantic also shared one final update on those players who were able to access exclusive parts of the event without buying a ticket.


"Trainers who inadvertently received access to the ticketed portion of Pokémon GO Tour: Kanto without purchasing a ticket will still be able to access the Pokémon GO Tour: Kanto Special Research," Niantic said.

The make-up event for the Kanto Tour ticketholders will start on March 5th.