Pokemon Go Takes Important Step for Adding Kyogre to Game

Pokemon Go is inching closer to the inevitable release of its next Legendary Pokemon.On Thursday [...]

Pokemon Go is inching closer to the inevitable release of its next Legendary Pokemon.

On Thursday evening, a popular Pokemon Go dataminer confirmed that game developers had added Kyogre's 3D assets to the game. This is typically one of the last steps needed before a Pokemon can officially go "live" in Pokemon Go.

Kyogre is the mascot Legendary of Pokemon Sapphire and will be one of the most powerful Pokemon in Pokemon Go. With a similar CP to Groudon, Kyogre will instantly slot in as the strongest Water-Type attacker in the game.

As with other "Gen 3" Pokemon, developers added both Shiny and non-Shiny variants to its server. Both versions can be viewed below:

Before players get too excited about the prospects of a Shiny Kyogre, we should note that 3D image assets exist for Shiny versions of all of Pokemon Go Legendary Pokemon, even though we haven't actually seen a Shiny Legendary in the wild yet.

Pokemon Go has teased the release of Kyogre for weeks, ever since it announced a holiday event back in December. Kyogre appeared in promotional art announcing the addition of 20 new Water-Type Pokemon to the game. While some assumed that Kyogre would get a holiday release, it appears that Pokemon Go is holding off until Groudon leaves the game on January 14th.

Kyogre also holds the distinction of being nerfed twice, even though it hasn't gone live yet. Kyogre received a 9% decrease in all of its stats back in December. Developers then removed the move "Dragon Tail" from Kyogre's movepool to prevent the Pokemon from becoming the game's ultimate dragon killer, a step probably seen as necessary as several of the remaining "Gen 3" Legendary Pokemon are Dragon-Type Pokemon.

Kyogre currently has Waterfall as its only fast move, and has Hydro Pump, Blizzard, and Thunder as potential charge moves. As Kyogre can potentially wreck Grass-Type Pokemon with a Blizzard attack, players are advised to load up their team with Electric-Type Pokemon when attempting a Kyogre raid.

Now that Kyogre's image assets are in the game, all we're waiting for is an official announcement and a release date. Expect to see Kyogre pop up in gyms as early as Monday.