Pokemon Go Will Add Sylveon in Luminous Legends Y Event

Pokemon Go will add the final Eevee evolution during its next event. Pokemon Go just confirmed [...]

Pokemon Go will add the final Eevee evolution during its next event. Pokemon Go just confirmed that Sylveon, the Fairy-type evolution of Eevee, will make its debut in the game as part of the upcoming Luminous Legends Y event. Players will be able to evolve Eevee into Sylveon beginning on May 25th by earning hearts when Eevee is the player's buddy Pokemon. Eevee and various Fairy-type Pokemon like Ralts, Swirlix, and Spritzee will all appear in increased numbers in Pokemon Go from May 25th through May 31st as a part of the event. Some Field Research during the event will also provide encounters with Eevee and its evolutions.

The announcement also confirmed that the Luminous Legends Y event will feature the arrival of the Legendary Pokemon Yveltal and a change-up in Team Go Rocket behavior. Not only will Team Go Rocket grunts have new Shadow Pokemon, they also will have different type specializations. There's even a possibility that some Poke Stops and Team Rocket balloons will have multiple Team Go Rocket grunts appear to challenge players. Other Dark-type Pokemon such as Houndour and Carnavha will appear in the wild, while Pancham will be added to the Strange Egg pool. Other Dark-type Pokemon will also be added as Raid Pokemon during the event.

Similar to last week's Global Challenge, the Luminous Legends Y event will also have a Global Challenge, in which players will need to defeat 25 million Team Go Rocket Grunts. If players can reach this threshold, they'll be able to unlock a triple Catch XP bonus, as well as the addition of Shiny Galarian Zigzagoon to the game. Additionally, players will also unlock Galarian Zigzagoon as a 1-Star raid Pokemon if they complete the Global Challenge.

The Luminous Legends Y event will run from May 18th through May 31st.