Pokemon Go Adds More New Pokemon for Unova Week

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(Photo: Pokemon Go)

Pokemon Go's latest event adds seven new Pokemon, including one exclusive to the New York City area. Earlier today, Pokemon Go launched its Unova Week celebration, a week-long event unlocked by players during Pokemon Go Fest last month. As part of the festivities, Pokemon Go added seven new Pokemon species - Sewaddle, Swadloon, Leavanny, Cottonee, Whimsicott, Emolga and Bouffalant. One interesting twist is that Bouffalant will only be available to players in the New York City and parts of New England. Emolga is the "rare" Pokemon in this batch, so players shouldn't have too much issue finding Sewaddle or Cottonee in the wild. Sewaddle and Cottonee will also appear in 7 KM eggs for the duration of the event.

While none of the Pokemon are particularly powerful, players note that Bouffalant may have some viability in Ultra League PvP play because of its ability to charge up moves like Megahorn and Skull Bash.

As part of Unova Week, players can also compete in Raid Battles against the Mythical Pokemon Genesect. Additionally, players who complete a Special Research quest can unlock a guaranteed encounter with Genesect, whose Shiny form was also added to the game. The Shiny version of Roggenrola and its evolutions were also added as a bonus for this week only. Various Unova Pokemon, including the Starter Pokemon and common Pokemon like Lillipup and Purrloin are also appearing in increased amounts during the event.

The Unova Week event will last through August 21st, although the new Pokemon and Shiny Pokemon will remain in the game permanently. This is the last of the "bonus" events unlocked by players during Pokemon Go Fest. We'll report on any other surprises added to Pokemon Go as part of this event.