'Pokemon Go' Adds Shiny Treecko for March Community Day

As expected, Pokemon Go has added the Shiny version of Treecko for today's Community Day event. [...]

As expected, Pokemon Go has added the Shiny version of Treecko for today's Community Day event. The monthly mini-event is taking place around the world today, and players in Japan and Australia were the first to confirm that the Shiny version of Treecko was indeed added as per Community Day tradition. Community Day is a three hour window in which a specific species of Pokemon appears in mass quantities. Players can collect special Field Research tasks, take advantage of a 1/4 egg hatch bonus (meaning that players only need to walk a quarter of the distance they usually would to hatch an egg), and evolve Grovyle into Sceptile to earn the special Frenzy Plant charge move.

Shiny Pokemon are Pokemon with alternative coloration that are usually quite rare. Shiny Treecko has a noticably bluer skin color along with a dark red tail. Although Shiny Pokemon are usually hard to find in the wild, Shiny Treecko will have a boosted encounter rate during the Community Day hours.

If you're looking to obtain a Shiny Treecko for the day, your best bet is to head to an area with lots of PokeStops. Players usually add lures to PokeStops during Community Day, which increases the amount of spawns in the area...including Treecko. If you live in an area with an active Pokemon Go community, look on social media to see where other players are heading for the event. Chances are they're heading to an area where they've had success in past Community Days.

Today's Community Day event will take place from 3 PM to 6 PM local time. Note that this is a departure from past Community Day event times.


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