Pokemon Go Teases Team Rocket Balloon Event

Pokemon Go is teasing another Team Rocket event, this time featuring the evil Pokemon gang's iconic balloon. Yesterday evening, Pokemon Go posted a blog post written from the perspective of Professor Willow that teased a new Team Rocket event. The blog post, titled "Strange Scraps" detailed two pieces of paper Blanche (the leader of Team Mystic) found two scraps of paper she found in recent days. The two scraps of paper show a Team Rocket member constructing a hot air balloon and then using the balloon to throw a net on Pikachu. It's likely that we'll receive another tease in the next couple of days, as this seems to be the start of a new Team Rocket storyline. You can see the initial "scraps of paper" in the tweet below:

A recent datamine of a Pokemon Go update revealed that Team Rocket would likely be appearing with hot air balloons sometime soon. As of right now, we don't know if this will mean roaming Team Rocket encounters that aren't tied to Poke Stops, or if there is another plan for these new encounters.

Pokemon Go is gearing up for its Pokemon Go Fest event, which is run later this month. The game will host three weeks worth of Timed Challenges that can unlock additional Pokemon that will appear during Pokemon Go Fest, along with a special Anniversary event featuring Flying-type Pokemon and a Flying Pikachu. Additionally, the game will add the new Legendary Pokemon Kyurem to Raid Battles later today.