Pokemon Theory Goes Viral For Blowing Everyone's Mind

A new Pokemon theory over on TikTok has gone viral for more or less ruining everyone's childhood. [...]

A new Pokemon theory over on TikTok has gone viral for more or less ruining everyone's childhood. While the theory may not be accurate, it does make a compelling case about the origins of Cubone, one of the series original Pokemon that debuted alongside the original games, Pokemon Red and Pokemon Blue. Every Pokemon fan worth their salt knows why Cubone wears a skull on its head, but did you know Cubone is just a Charmander without its tail lit, or at least that's what this new theory claims.

The video relaying the theory started to go viral this week on TikTok and is closing in on one million views. The video itself comes from user 'pikachu4president21," but the theory comes from "prof_frags." Speaking about Cubone, the latter claims Cubone is a Charmander when Charizard doesn't light said Charmander's tail on fire.

"So what happens is, at birth, Charmander hatches out of the egg and usually Charizard lights its tail on fire, but if the parent dies soon after, the Charmander doesn't get its tail lit and it spends its time crying next to its dead parent's corpse until it rots away and puts its skull on and boom it evolves into a Cubone."

As "prof_frags" delivers this theory, pikachu4president21 grabs a Cubone plush, pulls back its skull and reveals what looks like a Charmander. Put together, it's a compelling theory, and it's one that's been blowing the minds of many Pokemon fans.


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That said, is it true? No. As alluded to at the top, it's not true, but a huge amount of Pokemon fans on TikTok now probably think it's true and will go through life with their mind blown, or at least that's what a plethora of comments on the video convey.

All of this is to say, remember to take all Pokemon theories you hear on the Internet with some skepticism, especially if they are coming the way of TikTok. Meanwhile, for more coverage on Pokemon -- including all of the latest news, all of the latest rumors and leaks, and all of the other recent mind-blowing theories -- click here.