Pokemon Trading Card Game's First Sword and Shield Set is Available Now

The Pokemon Trading Card Game has released its first set for its new Sword & Shield series. The new set, titled Sword & Shield, introduces new Pokemon first seen in Pokemon Sword and Shield along with two brand new types of cards - Pokemon V cards and Pokemon VMAX Cards. Pokemon V cards serve a similar role as EX Cards, with stronger attacks and more HP, but at the cost of costing two prize cards when they're knocked out. Pokemon VMAX cards evolve from certain Pokemon V cards and show Pokemon in their Dynamax and Gigantamax forms. Not only are Pokemon VMAX cards extremely powerful, but players also get 3 prize cards when defeated.

The new Sword & Shield set contains over 50 new Pokemon from the Galar region, 17 Pokemon V cards, and four Pokemon VMAX cards, along with 30 trainer cards, and a Special Energy card. The series also updates several parts of the card game, getting rid of Fairy-type cards, switching up Weaknesses and Resistances, and adding some new holofoil styles. There's also a noticeable drop in the number of Secret Rare cards in this set. This time around, there's only 14 different Secret Rare cards, a far cry from some of the Pokemon Sun & Moon sets.

The Sword & Shield cards can be bought in booster packs now. As with past sets, you can also buy an Elite Trainer's Box to get some counter dice and card sleeves, or pre-made theme decks so you can dive right into playing. You can purchase Pokemon cards from local game stores or from retailers like Target, or online from the Pokemon Center online store.


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