New Project 007 Details Revealed

Following up on last week's release of Hitman 3, the next major project for IO Interactive is a new take on the James Bond franchise, and the studio's director has revealed a few details about the game. In an interview with Danish outlet (translated by VG247), Hakan Abrak dropped a few interesting hints about the tentatively-titled Project 007. The game will feature an all-new storyline, and Abrak believes it could be the first installment in a trilogy of games. Bond fans should not expect to see any familiar faces in the lead role, as the game will offer its own take on 007.

Abrak says that IO Interactive worked on the game's pitch for two years, but it sounds like the developer's history with the Hitman series might have played a role in the developer landing the license. According to the director, the 007 license-holders had not been happy with previous games based on the IP, which they referred to as "violence for the sake of violence." While the Hitman games certainly do feature violent acts, players can choose to avoid such actions, and it's not hard to imagine how that might have helped.

It will be interesting to see whether or not IO Interactive will be able to bring the series back to its former glory. GoldenEye holds a special place in the hearts of many Bond fans, but it's been more than 20 years since the game released on Nintendo 64. Since then, a number of games based on the Bond franchise have been released, and the majority have been in the first-person shooter genre. Those titles have placed a greater emphasis on killing foes, and less on 007's other methods.

Fans of James Bond will likely have a long while to wait to find out how IO Interactive's take on the franchise turns out, but it certainly sounds promising, at the very least! Time will tell whether or not the developer can reach the same heights of GoldenEye, but it's clear that Abrak has a much different take in mind. Hopefully, the game will manage to deliver on the director's hopes!

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