Argos PS5 Restock Slammed By PlayStation Customers

UK Retailer Argos is getting a lot of negative feedback online following a 2 a.m. stock release for the PlayStation 5. The console has been nearly impossible to come by since its release in November, thanks in large part to resellers using bots. Unfortunately, it's not much easier to secure a system when a retailer releases its stock as most people are still sleeping, which is exactly what happened this time around. According to the retailer, the stock was simply made available when the site updates, which happens to be in the early morning hours. Unfortunately, that's just another hurdle for prospective PS5 owners!

A Tweet from Argos explaining the release can be found embedded below.

That answer likely won't make customers any happier about the late-night release, and it might even mean that more PS5 drops will happen at similar times! Complicating matters, a number of customers cited issues with the site claiming that the system was in stock, but not allowing it to be added to their basket. Others were able to add the system, but weren't able to check out. The whole situation seems like a big mess, leaving many disappointed.

The situation surrounding PS5 resellers in the UK has gotten so bad that Parliament is considering a ban on the reselling of consoles in the region. In the meantime, Argos is currently looking to find ways to curb the use of bots. In another Tweet, the retailer told one frustrated PlayStation fan that Argos is "working on implementing measures to stop scalpers to ensure everyone has a fair chance." It remains to be seen what those measures might be, but they can't come soon enough for some players!


For now, PlayStation fans will just have to keep trying and hope that Sony is able to increase supply to meet the current demand. Of course, retailers like Argos will also have to find ways to make sure that bots aren't able to scoop up that supply, as well.

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