PS5 Pre-Order Date Possibly Leaked

The PS5 pre-order date has possibly leaked. Ahead of today's PlayStation 5 Showcase, which is expected to finally reveal the console's release date and price, a French retailer has possibly and prematurely revealed when PS5 pre-orders will go live, and it's sooner than you may expect. More specifically, French retailer Fnac has released new marketing for the console, which notes that the console is "available to pre-order," suggesting that pre-orders will go live today or tomorrow.

Of course, if the PS5 release date and price are revealed today, we will almost certainly get a pre-order date. That said, Sony has already confirmed they won't drop pre-orders out of nowhere. In other words, PlayStation fans will have time to prepare and plan. This rules out PS5 pre-orders going live after today's event, the question is, does it rule out pre-orders going live tomorrow?

If Sony announces tomorrow as the pre-order date during the showcase, it will have honored its promise to let PlayStation fans know ahead of time, but this is a pretty small window of preparation. Since Sony went out of its way to promise this, it likely means it will give PlayStation fans ample time to prepare, and 12 hours just doesn't seem like it fits this bill.

Of course, this suggests the French retailer hasn't been tipped off, but is simply assuming pre-orders will go live once the release date and price are revealed. It's also possible the retailer itself will simply begin to take pre-orders based on how many consoles they expect to be allotted. Getting out ahead of the big boys is a common tactic of smaller retailers.

All of this is to say, take everything here with a grain of salt. Nothing here is official, and at the moment, Sony has not commented on any of this, and it's very unlikely it will, leaving PlayStation fans with nothing but speculation. Still, it can't hurt to have those credit cards ready.


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H/T, Frandroid.