PUBG Exploit Lets Players Rack Up Some Cheap Kills

There's a glitch in PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds that puts players under the map while still letting them shoot, an exploit that's either useful or maddening depending on how you come across it.

If you want to rack up some quick and easy kills before you have to move onto the next spot to stay within the battlegrounds, this glitch that's exclusive to the new Sanhok map. For those unfortunate enough to be on the receiving end of the exploit though, there's not much that you can do about it except stay on your toes, wait for PUBG Corp. to patch it up, or turn to the dark side and use it yourself.

The video above from YouTuber niKlaS shows exactly how the glitch works, a glitch spotted by Kotaku. The instructional video shows how the glitch scenario plays out with the player baiting an opponent into a building while they hide underneath the ground. Loot was too good to pass up on, just as the exploiter anticipated, and the opponent was gunned down as soon as they got what they needed and moved onto the next building.

In the description of the video, niKlaS explains more about what you can do when you're using the glitch, but there's really not much that you can't do. As is shown in the video more than once, you've got ample wiggle room to aim and take your time without having to worry about your feet or other parts of your body sticking out of the ground to expose your position.

"Today I found a glitch spot in PUBG where you can get between the map and what is under there," niKlaS said. "You can shoot other players or hide in there as shown. It's the only house that I know of where it works."


You won't be able to use this glitch or have it used on you in any other map since it's exclusive to Sanhok, but chances are nobody will have to deal with it much longer at all. Now that more players are taking note of it and videos like this are being made to call it an "Invisible OP glitch," you can bet that it'll get the attention of PUBG Corp. fairly quickly. Use it or avoid it now while you can, but look for a note in the game's next set of patch notes or so that says the exploit has been patched up.