New PUBG Weapon Lets Players Create Their Own Blue Zones

The Blue Zone in PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is the game's method of keeping players within a certain boundary of play, but what if players were able to create their own Blue Zones to prevent players from accessing certain areas? That's exactly what the game's newest weapon aptly called the "Blue Zone Grenade" looks to do by allowing people to spawn their own Blue Zone upon detonation.

This new grenade is one that was shown off in the Patch Report below that shows much of what's coming in Patch 13.2. The Blue Zone Grenade is tossed at enemies just like any other throwable would be, but its effect is much different from a normal explosion or anything else players are used to.

Some commentary included in the video provided more context regarding how this Blue Zone works and how it'll differ from the encroaching Blue Zone that constantly pushes players inward during matches.

"And speaking of new weapons, the Blue Zone grenade is also making its Battlegrounds debut as a unique new damage over time throwable," the narration of the Patch Report video explained. "When you toss one out, you'll create a mini Blue Zone at the point of detonation, dealing damage over time to any enemies within the zone. Like the normal Blue Zone, the area will shrink over time and its effects can penetrate structures above and below it. It even damages enemies in the water, giving this new tool lots of functionality throughout your match."


For those who want to try the weapon out, you can do so now on the test servers so long as you're playing on the PC version of the game. It'll be tested there first just as these new features typically are before being released on the PC version's live servers first followed by a console release at a later date.