Rainbow Six Siege Launches Operation Heavy Mettle Season With Big Update

Ram joins Rainbow Six Siege as part of its Y8S3 update.

Ubisoft has today kicked off its Year 8 Season 3 for its multiplayer shooter Rainbow Six Siege which is called Operation Heavy Mettle. Per usual with this seasonal shift, Operation Heavy Mettle introduces a new Operator to the game alongside a number of smaller bug fixes. This time around with Y8S3, though, Ubisoft has opted to make a variety of additional overhauls to Siege that will change some core elements of the title. 

One of the most notable new features seen in Rainbow Six Siege beginning today is Player Commendations, which are a new way for players to honor one another for their positive behavior in-game. This system has been implemented as a way of making Siege a more inviting experience than before. Additionally, Ubisoft has overhauled its Quick Match system while also changing its Unranked mode, which is now called Standard. Lastly, various balance adjustments have also been made to different Operators and weapon types. 

Rainbow Six Siege's New Operator Ram

As for the new Operator, Ram is the name of Rainbow Six Siege's latest playable character. Ram hails from Korea and is an Attacker who comes equipped with a miniature tank that can completely change the way that engagements play out. Specifically, this tank is used to destroy various surfaces and environmental objects that can then clear a path for teammates to take down opposing players. 

"Our newest Attacker, Ram, comes to us from South Korea and is ready to join the ranks of Redhammer. An ambitious and trustworthy soldier, she comes with the Bu-Gi Auto-Breacher, a deployable mini-tank that's sure to take everything down in its path," says Ubisoft of its new Operator. "She's at the peak of South Korean counter-terrorism, but Bo-Ram 'Ram' Choi still has a relentless drive to hone her craft. Everything she mastered on a regional level will be an incredible asset on the global stage. She's stoic but make no mistake: underneath the calm exterior is a fierce warrior."

Rainbow Six Siege New Season Bug Fixes


FIXED – FPS drops when players spin around quickly in B Laundry Room of the Oregon map.

FIXED – The wall button on the interactive panel isn't highlighted when the destructible wall is active in the Shooting Range.

FIXED – Brava doesn't get scoring points when using Jager's Active Defense System or Wamai's MAG-NET System that's been hacked by a Kludge Drone.

FIXED – Scoring doesn't count the 4th device deployed by Amaru, Gridlock or Castle.

FIXED – Weapon SFX loops when players shoot and fast exit rappel at the same time. 

FIXED – Players skip reload animation during pick up or weapon swap animation.


FIXED –  Texture flickers on carpet in 1F Open Area of the Consulate map.

FIXED – Laser attachment is visible through the wall  when the Operator is facing it while prone.

FIXED – Metals crates are see-through to Operators in the 2F Server Room of the the Kanal map.

FIXED – Operator gets stuck when jumping onto a balcony at EXT Back Alley on Favela map.

FIXED – Operators can't retrieve the defuser if it's dropped while entering or exiting rappel in specific spots on various maps.

FIXED – Various defuser planting and pickup issues.

FIXED – Various collision, asset, and texture issues on maps.  


FIXED – Scoring points aren't awarded when Operators destroy Goyo's Volcan Canister by destroying a barricade it's placed on.

FIXED – Fenrir's F-NATT Dread Mine clips through the floor, making it harder to spot.

FIXED – Grim's Kawan Hive Launcher doesn't ping opponents inside the swarm until affected by the decay debuff.

FIXED –  Hibana's X-Kairos pellets go through the cubicles in the 2F Admin Office of the Consulate map.

FIXED – Frost's Welcome Mat doesn't deploy properly when dropped on top of the defuser.

FIXED –  A Bulletproof Camera affected by a hacked Signal Disruptor shows glitched VFX even after the Signal Disruptor is destroyed..

FIXED – Brava's Kludge Drone looks higher and lower than intended.

FIXED – Ping doesn't display the right color when used on Goyo's Vulcan Canister.

FIXED – Echo's Yokai Drone doesn't move properly when exiting the Observation Tools mid-jump and then re-entering.

FIXED – Brava's Kludge Drone loses signal when moved outside after re-hacking it from Mozzie's Pest.

FIXED – Missing VFX feedback when spectating Nokk when HEL Presence Reduction is active.

FIXED – Fenrir's F-NATT Dread Mine location displays as a placeholder when deployed outside of EXT Terrace of the Kafe Dostoyevsky map.

FIXED – Drones don't recover from a lost signal status when reclaimed from Mozzie's Pest using Brava's Kludge Drone.

FIXED – Sledge's Breaching Hammer can't destroy Iana's Gemini Replicator.

FIXED – Valkyrie's Black Eyes are turned off when hacked outside by Brava's Kludge Drone.

FIXED – Osa's Talon-8 shield can't be guard broken if Opponent is prone or crouched while Osa is standing while holding the Talon-8 Shield.

FIXED – Grim's Kawan Hive Launcher ammo counter always shows 0 during replay.

FIXED – Grim's Kawan Hive Launcher doesn't accurately ping the opponent's location if they're scanned by a drone.

FIXED – Grim's Kawan Hive Launcher still pings Opponents if Grim is eliminated while deploying a canister.

FIXED – Brava's Kludge Drone doesn't display HUD feedback when aiming at devices through certain assets.

FIXED – Sen's R.O.U. Projector System doesn't destroy projectors if deployed more than once.

FIXED – Operator video missing for Smoke.

FIXED – Various animation issues.


FIXED –  Players under level 5 can't reconnect to a custom online match.

FIXED – Player commendations appear unresponsive when attempting to commend a player a second time.

FIXED – Multiple actions can't be bound to the same button in Customize Controls menu.

FIXED – Crosshair disappears when trying to aim down sight multiple times after getting eliminated.

FIXED – Custom games can't be created using non-Latin characters in the playlist name.

FIXED – The unread notification from Challenges doesn't refresh after exiting and re-entering the Challenges section.

FIXED – Various spectator mode issues.

FIXED – Various UI issues.

FIXED – Various customization issues.


FIXED – SFX loop when players are eliminated while downed.