Red Dead Online Update Has Free Features and Extra Rewards

"Free" is the focus of this week's Red Dead Online update, a focus that should come as good news for anyone who's planning on putting some time into the game over the next couple of days. Rockstar Games detailed its plans for the weekly update on Tuesday and said that players will get more bonuses from Free Roam Missions, extra rewards for ranking up over the course of the next week, and they won't have to pay anything for utilizing some of Red Dead Online's features like fast travel and barbershops.

The free stuff in Red Dead Online starts with Free Roam Missions and Free Roam Events this week. Complete either of those types of activities this week and you'll get twice the experience that you usually do. If you're doing Free Roam Missions with a posse, you'll get a 40% RDO$ and experience bonus on top of the extra rewards you already get for partying up with others.

You can also translate that bonus experience into additional rewards since Rockstar Games is giving out more prizes just for ranking up. Those rewards can be found below and are live until April 19th:

Red Dead Online Bonus Rewards for Ranking Up

  • Gain one Rank and get the Bluewater Marsh Treasure Map
  • Gain three Ranks and get the North Ridgewood Treasure Map and a free Ability Card
  • Gain six Ranks and get the lake Isabella Treasure Map, two free Ability Cards, and RDO$150

Finally, there are two features in Red Dead Online which are totally free this week: Fast travel and barbershops. That means that if you need to zoom around the map to complete your missions or you need a trim before you set out with your posse to get some extra rewards, you can do both of those things at no extra cost.

"Make your way around the map with confidence and speed — Fast Travel is free this week," Rockstar Games said. "Barbers, meanwhile, are offering all of their services — hair, makeup, and cosmetic dentistry — at no cost, for the next seven days."

Red Dead Online's latest update is now live across all platforms.