Red Dead Online Update Adds New Hunt and Free Rewards

Red Dead Online’s latest weekly update just got detailed on Tuesday to share news of yet another Legendary Animal, another opportunity to get way more rewards than usual, and some free items for people who have the time to simply log on and play for a bit. For those who have the Outlaw Pass No. 3, Rockstar Games also has an extra bonus for those players and a reminder that the Outlaw Pass subscribers only have a few more days left to get all the rewards they can out of it.

Headlining this week’s Red Dead Online update is a Legendary Animal just as we’ve seen from past updates. This week, the Legendary Animal that’s been added to the game for players to hunt or sample is the Legendary Ruddy Moose. It sounds like the animal won’t be quite as deadly as the Legendary Bear added last week based on what Rockstar Games had to say about it.

“Locals and passersby alike are reporting a pair of broad red antlers amidst the wood and foliage of Tall Trees,” Rockstar Games said. “The Legendary Ruddy Moose is an elusive, lonely wanderer, but it is known to break into a trot to escape pursuit from Naturalists and poachers alike.”

To kick off the Legendary Moose mission, you have to first talk to Harriet which you’ve probably done many times by now if you’ve been pursuing the Naturalist paths. Kill the animal and bring its pelt to Gus to unlock the option to purchase a coat and cowl. If you manage to take down or sedate the animal between now and October 19th, you’ll get a free Off-hand Holster.

After you’ve claimed your prize, you can go try out the Shootout mode to check out some new locations added to the game type. Blackwater, Bolger Glade's, Saint Denis, Tumbleweed, and The Manor are new locations now available in the Shootout mode.


There aren’t any extra bonuses associated with that mode alongside the new locations, but all players can at least get something for free just for playing the game. Playing the game anytime between now and October 19th will get you five Blending Tonics and 50 rounds of Nitro Express Ammo.

If you’ve got the Outlaw Pass No. 3, you’ve also got until October 19th to finish it up and get all the rewards. To encourage those who’ve still got a ways to go, Rockstar Games is giving all pass holders 10 Special Health Cures, five pieces of Lost Jewelry and 200 rounds of Sedative Ammo this week along with unique versions of the Griffith Chaps and the Caffyns Hat if you’ve made it past Rank 50.