Red Dead Online Update Adds a Big Bear and Turns On Double XP

Red Dead Online’s newest weekly update was announced on Tuesday, and with it comes a big bad bear for players to hunt down along with the opportunity to earn a lot more experience points if you take on the right tasks. A brief trailer released alongside the update gave a preview of the Golden Spirit Bear that’s been added to the game, but whether you’re pursuing the Naturalist role or not, there are still lots of chances to make the most of this week’s update.

Like the updates before it, this week’s update puts a heavy focus on the Naturalist role, the latest of the in-game jobs for players to pursue, by having the new Legendary Animal take the spotlight. The Golden Spirit Bear can either be sampled or hunted similar to the rest of the Legendary Animals added in the past. It seems that judging from Rockstar Games’ preview of the new hunt that the animal will be much more aggressive than some of the other ones players may pursue, but the rewards seem to match the risk.

“Sample or Kill the Golden Spirit Bear to receive an Offer for 50% off an Established or Higher Naturalist Item and bring its pelt back to Gus’ Trapper Store for a lush, custom coat made of the bear’s coveted fur,” Rockstar said about the Golden Spirit Bear in its weekly update.

As for the XP gains, there’s a lot of those to be had this week depending on what missions you’re interested in. By completing the Role Missions assigned to the Naturalist, Moonshiner, Bounty Hunter, Trader, and Collector jobs, you can earn twice the XP that you’d normally get. Those missions encompass much of what people typically do in Red Dead Online anyway, so there are plenty of opportunities to progress your roles’ statuses and to get more XP in the process. You can also get twice the XP from Free Roam Events, Showdowns, Races, A Land of Opportunities and Free Roam Missions until October 12th.


Even if you just pop onto Red Dead Online for just a while this week, you’ll still get a reward. Anyone who plays the game before October 12th gets 5,000 Club XP simply for playing.

Red Dead Online’s latest weekly update is now available across all platforms.