Resident Evil 3 Mod Turns Game Into Dino Crisis Remake

There has never been a game in more desperate need of a remake than Dino Crisis. Released in 1999 for the original PlayStation and Sega Dreamcast, Capcom's survival-horror game took the gameplay of Resident Evil, and subbed in the T-Virus experiments for dinosaurs. Fans have been clamoring for a remake for years now, but those requests seem to have fallen on deaf ears. Fans looking for a consolation prize should look no further than this mod for the recent Resident Evil 3 remake, which once again swaps out T-Virus experiments for dinosaurs, and Jill Valentine for the protagonist of Dino Crisis, Regina.

Appropriately enough, the mod has been named "Dino Evil 3" by creator Darkness Valtier. While the mod is currently available for download, players should know that the creator is still working on making it a more enjoyable experience. At this time, there's only one dinosaur type in the mod, which resembles a small tyrannosaurus rex. However, this is considered version 0.1, so fans should know that further updates are coming, which should add more dinosaur types.

One of the biggest problems with using Resident Evil 3 as the template is the fact that it's one of the most claustrophobic games in the series. As such, the dinosaurs might sometimes get stuck in some areas. The original Dino Crisis featured environments that were a bit more open than the average Resident Evil title. For the most part, that series remained fairly restrictive until the release of Resident Evil 4.

Despite these minor flaws, Dino Evil 3 is a very cool homage to an underrated Capcom title. Dino Crisis should be the easiest elevator pitch in video game history, yet the series has languished since the release of Dino Crisis 3, back in 2006. That game strayed quite a bit from the series' roots, with a science-fiction setting in the year 2548. Dino Crisis 3's sub-par quality hurt interest in the series, but the Dino Crisis franchise has lived on, thanks to references and cameos in other Capcom titles, such as Namco x Capcom. As such, mods like Dino Evil 3 will have to tide fans over, for now.


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