Resident Evil 7 Not a Hero Expansion Gets 8 Minutes of New Gameplay

An extended look at Resident Evil 7's Not a Hero expansion has been shared via an 8-minute gameplay clip featuring the iconic Chris Redfield.

During the Tokyo Game Show over the weekend, Resident Evil 7 had quite a showing dedicated for its upcoming bonus content that puts players in control of a different character than the game's protagonist. Redfield returns to the Resident Evil series once again, and as he is in other games, the S.T.A.R.S agent is much more prepared than a hapless wanderer to take on the grotesque threats found deep in the mines.

Not a Hero continues the first-person angle of the base game, but your HUD will look quite a bit different from Ethan Winter's perspective with Redfield bringing much more high-tech gear with him. You can monitor health and keep up with other important indicators through the status trackers as seen in the above video's HUD. Aside from that gear, Redfield definitely won't be scavenging for shotguns and other weapons in a decrepit house this time around. Instead, he's bringing his own arsenal with him to the mines, but there's still plenty of loot to find in order to keep you going.

As one might expect given Redfield's arsenal, the free expansion will include a much heavier focus on combat and blowing off some zombie heads as opposed to sneaking around and avoiding enemies. The melee finisher is also back and better than ever, so any wounded or downed foe that's near you has plenty to worry about as Redfield punches and stomps his mutated enemies into bubbling puddles.

The gameplay clip that was revealed during the Tokyo Game Show takes Resident Evil 7 players back to the familiar late-game setting down in the mines and builds off of the trailer that was previously released. While the trailer showed bits and pieces of the action, this gameplay preview fills in the gaps between the headshots and the puzzle-solving.


Resident Evil 7 is currently available for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC, and Not a Hero will be available for players on Dec. 12 across all platforms.