Resident Evil Village Art Leak May Have Spoiled a Big Twist

Some new artwork for Resident Evil Village appeared online this week with that artwork potentially spoiling a big twist we may or may not see happen in the game. The leak in question was spotted via the game’s Steam listing and showed an image involving Chris Redfield, one of the most recognizable names from the Resident Evil franchise and a character who’s been confirmed to play a pivotal role in Resident Evil Village. It should go without saying, but if you don’t want any story spoilers ahead of the new Resident Evil game’s release, it’s probably best you avoid the leak we’re about to reference.

As shared by Twitter user AestheticGamer1 who noticed the updated artwork in the Steam app for Resident Evil Village, the new image below looks familiar to one we’ve already seen. Official artwork for the game’s title showed a gloomy Chris Redfield bundled up in the snow, looking downward next to the game’s title near his side. This new image puts a twist on that previously revealed one, however, and may be hinting at something that’ll happen in the game.

The image above shows half of Chris Redfield like he appears in previous artwork, but the other half of the image shows a werewolf-like creature we’ve already seen in the past. It could very well be that the image is simply meant to show two different key components of the game, one “good” and one bad, but what if Chris Redfield is the one that’s turning into the beast?

We say “good” in quotes because even though Chris has been on the right side of the Resident Evil fights in the past, things got a bit shady in Resident Evil 7 and look even worse for him in Resident Evil Village. Something’s clearly amiss with Chris in the new game to the point that it certainly looks like he’s being made out to be a villain, but it also seems hard to believe that Capcom would suddenly villainize one of its most popular protagonists.


Some theories looking to explain Chris’ role in the new game range from the suggestion that he’s not really the Chris we know to the idea that he’s been infected somehow with a new strain of virus. The latter would certainly explain any sort of transformation he may undergo in Resident Evil Village, but like most of the game’s finer plot details, there’s no definite explanation yet.

Resident Evil Village is scheduled to release some time in 2021.